Maine and rap may seem like they don’t go together. That is not the case for Ryan Peters, more well known as Spose, the ‘King of Maine.’


With 12 albums released and featured on 30+ albums in the past decade alone, Spose has been reshaping the genre and approach to what we think of in rap culture. As a family man with 4 kids and a wife who is an elementary school teacher, not to mention his love for all things literature, his use of the English language and wordplay has helped him find his own lane in rap culture.


In 2017, Spose was the first artist to release an album inside a video game called ‘Spose: The King of Maine’ which hit no. 2 in the Apple Store for music app downloads when it released.


From leaving Universal Records, to launching his own independent Maine-based label, Spose knows what it takes to be a working artist, how to handle failure and also how to not be anyone but unapologetically you.
This is Spose and he is a renegade.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Christina Wnek


Parasite (feat. Bensbeendead.)
Home (feat. JSpin)
Off Road (feat. The Mallett Brothers Band)