Brandon Kennington of Tutor Cam Pro | BlueKube Brands


Brandon is the founder of BlueKube Brands, a parent company that is home to many products from many different parts of the market, a lot of which are his own creation and ideation. From the Porch Potty, to Flexline Fitness equipment, to the Tutor Cam Pro which you’ll hear a lot about in this episode, Brandon’s background as a mechanical engineer and inventor gives him the tools to bring his ideas to life.

His ability to see a problem and look for solutions really shines in Tutor Cam pro. While his kids were trying to learn remotely at home during the pandemic, he noticed that the teachers couldn’t see his children’s work on their paper from the angle of the camera on their iPad or laptop. With some ingenuity and brainstorming with another engineer, in just a few short months he created a stand that fixes this problem entirely!

The inventions of the Tutor Cam Pro & Tutor Cam Go helped so many students learn from home during a trying time, letting them achieve even more towards their education.

This is Brandon Kennington of BlueKube Brands and Tutor Cam Pro. And he, is a maverick.


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