The Evolution of Math

As new and exciting (or for some people incredibly scary) artificial intelligence is for the future of technology, it’s rooted in one thing you learned since Kindergarten. Math.


Every bit of code and algorithms used to make all the applications & software on the planet all started from you learning basic numbers, addition & subtraction back when you started elementary school, and probably before.


And for some of you that experience was a breeze and you just rocked math all the way through your K-12 experience and beyond, or you may have been someone who struggled really hard with math from the beginning.


We’re going to focus on two stories from opposite ends of the math spectrum, showing how math has evolved, but also where math is today at the elementary level but also used every day in artificial intelligence.


Resources from Chrissy Burr

Jeff Baumes

Achieve the Core

Khan Academy

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Brian Dolan of Verdant AI, Artificial Intelligence Company

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