Paige Roth of REVERB

REVERB is a nonprofit organization that partners with major artists such as Dave Matthews Band, Dispatch, Billie Eillish, Guster, Barenaked Ladies and more to promote environmental activism at concerts & events, but more so how they can take that knowledge and bring that home, helping spread awareness of how we can collectively save our planet.

Founded in 2004 by environmentalist Lauren Sullivan and her husband, Adam Gardner of the band Guster, the two combined their passions to form an organization for good. Here’s what REVERB has done since 2004.

-300+ tours greened
-4 million+ fan actions
-120,000 tons of carbon neutralized
-4,200 local nonprofits supported
-$4 million in community giveback dollars raised by fans
-100,000+ volunteer hours
-950,000 gallons of biodiesel used in touring fleets

We interviewed Volunteer Coordinator and Nonprofit Outreach Partner Paige Roth who has been an integral part of the team for almost 8 years. Learn about what REVERB has done for live music and the environment, and how REVERB has reinvented themselves during COVID-19.

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